2022 Sale Heifers

Will be available at the National Hereford Show on Friday, January 6th, 2023 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Vermilion Oaks Ranch along with Trent Fogleman as co-owner, will be selling choice of 4 Hereford heifers at the National Hereford Show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We will bring an alternate heifer along should she be needed. Please contact us with any questions.

⇐ 3 of the heifers as yearlings at the 2022 National Show. They won Division National Champion Pen Of 3 Heifers.

VO TDF Miss Beth 070 J ET

AHA #: 44285431
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Bred: 4/22/22 to SHF Houston D 287 H086.
Ultrasound safe in calf.
Thick, deep soggy pigmented Daughter of Y505 X Endure.

VO TDF Miss Beth 072 J ET

AHA #: 44285430
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Bred: Bred 6/13/22 to SHF Houston D 287 H086.
Ultrasound safe in calf.
Thick, deep and soggy heifer.
Daughter of Y505 X Endure.

VO TDF Becky 073 J ET

AHA #: 44285426
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Bred: Bred 7/8/22 to GV CMR Strong 156T Y449 ET.
Ultrasound safe in calf.
S32 X Bentley.
Dark Red, thick, extra long heifer. Sure is Bentley the extra long, high marveling bull that was so successful at iron Lake Ranch in Texas

VO TDF Becky 074 J ET

AHA #: 44285425
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BBF Becky’s Mark P606 S32 X PCR X51 Bentley 454B.
S32 is the Dam of 5 Herd Sires at White Hawk Ranch in Georgia.
Dark Red, extra long, thick heifer.

Embryo Packages

Vermilion Oaks Ranch offers embryo packages that reflect our breeding program, emphasizing strong maternal traits, fertility, extra bone, length, and thickness. One pregnancy is guaranteed for each embryo package sold.

Semen Sales

DR Trustworthy 100W A18 ET

Semen: $25/Straw | Non-Certificate Sire

NJW PMH 66x 156t Lux 206A ET

Semen: $35/Straw | Certificate: $75